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Τετάρτη, 14 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Fix Gps Issues All Android Phones

Have a GPS location issue? Does your Gps taking too long to locate you? I found a fix for this problem because i was tired of using my gps and taking 10 mintes to locate me or not locating me at all.
So i searched and i thing i found the best solution for this problem. I am using it about a week and it works perfect. It is locating me in less than halp minute.
Talking too much? Let's begin

1. Go to goggle play and download Gps status
2. Install the Gps Status
3. Connect to the internet(not necessary but it will reduce the location time) 
4. Open the app you will see a compass
5. Go to menu >> tools
6. Select Manage A-GPS state and click Download (This will download assistance data for the gps it should be updated 2-3 days) 
7. You can set to auto download if you go to menu >> settings >> GPS & Sensors and change the Auto-dowload AGPS as you like.
8. Go to home of the ap (Where the compass is) and you will see or wait a little some informations and before these it should appear Gps fix and the time
9. Done now go and check from google maps it will locate it you in less than half minute

You can change the Units & formating from the menu >> settings

It also fixs the location problem from apps like ecomondo and other sport apps.

I will upload video Soon!!

If you have questiongs feel free to ask me.

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