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Κυριακή, 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

How to Connect your Android phone to ADB wireless

My previous post was how to install adb. Now i will describe you how to use the wireless fuction of the adb tool.
 Many times i had to find my cable to cennect my phone to the pc then doing all the things i want to do. Now via the adb wireless there is a simplier and not very easy though option.

First of all you must have installed the adb check my post if not here

SO let's start:
1. You must download this app from the market here
2. Now as i described to my previous post go to the adb directory and open the command promt.
3. Now open the app you just installed to your device you must be rooted.
4. Now onece you are inside the app press the big green button
5. As you can see an ip was given to you from the app
6. Now back to the command prompt and type adb connect writetheip
7. If all went smooth you should see connected to theip
8.Done! Now your phone is connected wireless to your pc.
9. You can use now all the adb command like push pull install etc.

I will upload soon video with the process

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