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Παρασκευή, 22 Μαρτίου 2013

How to do a nandroid backup and restore it

Many people want to have a backup from their phones app, messages etc. This can be done via CWM and its called nandroid backup. It is easy and it can save you from problems like non booting.

So today i will decribe you how to do this nandroid backup.
Let's start:
1. You must have CWM installed (how to install it see here for alcatel 908)
2. Enter CWM (if you want help see here)

The backup part:
1. Go to backup and restore
2. Then click backup
3. It will take some time to backup. Depends on how many data you have.
4. Once its finished you have created a backup of your phone. It is located to your sdcard in the clockworkmode folder. You can copy it to your computer because its a large file or you can leave if you have big sdcard.

The restore part:
Something happened to your phone and you want to restore to previous time. 
1. Enter CWM
2. Go to backup and restore
3. Then go to restore
4. Now choose the restore file
5. Select it and leave it do its things. It will take also sometime to restore.

3. DONE!

CONGRATS You have backuped and restored your files from your phone.

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