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Τετάρτη, 19 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Custom Rom For Alcatel 908 Gingerbread

Today i will introduce you a custom rom for alcatel 908. The people who like to "fix" their phones by changing some software elemets or they just like install new thing and try new things this is just for you. I ahve not tried this rom on my phone because it is only for gingerbread and in my country hasn't arrived yet.
  Changing rom is for people who know how to handle these things so please don't destroy your phone. Let's start:

The differences:
  • screenshot - open an application press power button select screenshot - a picture is saved in /sdcard/DCIM folder
  • hot reboot - will close all apps/ services execept for system-based and reinitialize the framework - Android interface
  • ( very useful this is I think the best task killer )
  • support for Czech/ Polish/ Russian ( related to TouchPal keyboard)
  •   tun.ko kernel module - for some VPN clients like Open VPN ( I'm sure you use VPN or anyway secured connections when checking mail on hotspots isn't it ? if not this is your bad ideea
  • replaced/ removed/ added some new apps
  • root, busybox
  • /etc/init.d scripting support
  • /data/app feature
  • wireless tethering app with support in kernel
  • Alcatel splash/ boot animation
  •  Nemus Launcher
  • support for : Czech/ Polish /Russian
  • enhanced Power Menu
  • Car Home, Connect Bot (ssh/telnet/terminal) Quick System Info
  • DSP Manager -equalizer from Cyanogenmod
  • some mods, tweaks, changes

1. You must have installed CWM to your phone just follow this instructions

1. Once you have done with CWM and its working download the custom rom package here
2. Copy it to your sd card
3. Now enter CWM (Video on how to enter here
4. First we must make a backup go to backup and restore
5. Press backup and wait until it is done.
6. Now go back 
7. Now in CWM home screen go to install zip from sd card 
8. Choose zip from sd card 
9. Choose the zip and install it
10. Wait until installation complete. Done!
11. Now you have custom rom installed to you phone.   

 IMPORTANT ! -this ROM will work only for the case you already have an official Gingerbread update from Alcatel by Move Upgrade/ One Touch Upgrade/ OTA update ! if you are on Froyo/ Android 2.2.2 never flash this ROM - will simply not work !!

DISCLAIMER !This might damage your phone. 

This from here: 

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The Geeks on 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2013 - 9:37 π.μ. είπε...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

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