TCT -Alcatel Move: How To Prolong Your Li-Ion Battery's life

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Κυριακή, 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

How To Prolong Your Li-Ion Battery's life

Today because i don't have mush time i will describe on how to prolong your battery's life. Almost everyone knows that the best for the battery is to descharge it all and then charge it but after a search i have made i come up with some great results and tips
on how to prolong its life because the most peple now a part of the story or they know it false.

1.Use partial-discharge cycles
Using only 20% or 30% of the battery capacity before recharging will extend cycle life considerablυ.
Used on a lot of newer devices, has no "memory" effect, should be recharged as often as possible, actually likes to be charged and draining it regularly can cause the usage time to be shortened, can NEVER be overcharged so whenever you're near a charger put it on there.

2.Keeping your Li-ion battery at 100% all the time is also not good for it
This simply means that using your laptop/gadget plugged in and at 100% battery capacity all the time will make your Li-ion battery suffer from capacity loss. Permanent capacity loss also occurs even when the battery is not in use.

3.Permanent capacity loss is greatest at elevated temperatures
 Heat is the worst enemy of your cell phones battery. So keeping your battery at room temperature (65-75*F) is the first step towards prolonging your battery's life.

4. If you are going to store your battery for an extended period store it at about 50% charged
 Also keeping the battery cool during extended storage will slow deterioration. Keeping the battery in a sealed bag or tupperware in your refrigerator is okay, but storing your battery in the freezer is not. When a battery is fully charged oxidation is occurring at its highest rate, and oxidation is essential corrosion. Oxidation occurs whether the battery is in use or not, for this reason it is better to get a high capacity battery rather than a spare.

5.Deep dicharge once a month
 While this may not exactly prolong the life of your Li-ion battery, it will keep the battery “smart.” In other words, it will more accurately report how much life is remaining. The li-ion battery does not have memory but your phone does

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